Sunday, December 28, 2008

Parties,and Programs,and Lights, Oh My!!!

My sweet girl
My precious boy.
(Why do I look pregnant in this picture?!)
Brooke and I at the Poinsettia Tree
Hee Hee :)
They can't keep them still either!
Cookies and Congratulations Party for Spanish Class
Ty's Preschool Christmas Program
Props to Uncle Matt for showing up to watch!
Getting ready to go to his first ever stage performance!
Ty's preschool Christmas party. He made that for us!
Well, like most people we had many fun events crammed into the past few weeks. Here are some pics from a few of them. Most of them are from our annual Opryland outing with our friends the Akins. Notice that the kids are in their pajamas. That is because Ty had an accident in the car on the way and all mommy brought were P.J.s! It turned out pretty cute though. Oh, and Brian was infact with us. He just being a picture Grinch that night! :)

Dinner at Bethlehem

Our friends the Moores were the guests of honor!
Yes, this is a camel!
Family Photo
Here are some pics from Dinner at Bethlehem a couple of weeks ago. This is a really neat thing our church does. There is a dinner, a live Nativity scene and a lots of crafts for the kiddos.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Chicago Getaway!!!

Well, sometimes you just need to get away. Brian and I ventured to Chicago earlier this week. It was the first trip we've taken alone since we had Ty. We stayed 3 nights and had a great time. We saw several sights and actually saw a movie in the theater! We also slept in, which was marvelous. We got to see some snow and rough a Chicago winter. It was 4 degrees our first night there! We adjusted pretty well to it though. We missed the kids, but we really enjoyed having a chance to just spend time with each other with no responsibilities. Here are some highlights!
When they say deep dish pizza, they mean it!
John Hancock Building Observatory
Coolest Christmas Villiage Ever!
Tree of Lights
"Sue" the dinosaur at the Field Museum
The famous Bean sculpture
Dinner Out!
Santas from Abroad
Big 80 foot tree with snow falling!

Pictures with Santa

Thanksgiving 2008

Okay, I am wayyyy behind on this thing. These are from Thanksgiving. We had a fun one this year. Cousin Malcolm came over for Ty's first ever sleepover in this room on a big boy mattress the night before Thanksgiving. Well, they started out in his room anyway! Then on Thanksgiving morning we babysat Jack and Ben as well so that the Northcutts and Robichauds could do a 5 mile race (We are the defecters who don't run in the family). Then we went to Thanksgiving lunch at Mom and Dad's with the whole Forrest clan. I think there were about 50 of us. We had a great time. It's always fun for the kids to play with cousins. Ty decided that he was Thankful for the ability to pee in his pants and pretended he wasn't potty trained for most of the day. Notice the picture of him in his jammie pants. Those were his 4th pair for the day and all I had left in my bag! Thanksgiving night we went over to uncle Gary and aunt Linda's house for dinner with the Petty clan. It was a full day of fun, family, and food and we slept really well that night!
Still Cute in his Jammie Pants
The Big Boys
Jenny and Fia
Celeste and I
Classic Micah
Who's Idea Was That?!
"Why are all these boys here?"
Fireman Jack
Two Sleepy Boys
So Excited!!!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Ty Turns 3!!!

Ty turned 3 last Saturday!!! We celebrated with a birthday party at the Monkey's Treehouse for Ty and his cousin Malcolm with our families and a few friends. It was a great time. Ty was having so much fun playing that it took him a while to realize anyone else was there! He had been talking about the cake for a while and telling me that at his party he was "not gonna eat dinner first" so he was thrilled at cake time. After the party we came to the house and Mom and Dad gave him his new Jeep. He is loving it and all his new toys. He has been well entertained this week! It is so hard for me to believe that my baby boy is 3 years old. It seems like not long ago I saw him for the first time. I could cry just thinking about how fast he is growing, but I am so very thankful that he is growing and healthy. Ansley turned 18 months on Saturday as well. I am learning to cherish every moment of these early years because they are so fleeting. We have been blessed beyond anything we could imagine with these precious children. Hopefully this blog will help me preserve some of the memories.
Cruisin' Cousins
Stow Away Ryan with his cute smile!
Noah and Brette
Playing trains together
Me Like Cupcakes!!!
Blowing Out the Candles
They are amazed
Ansley loves to play blocks
Who is that guy?
Sweet Sophia
It looks like I'm choking him!
How cute is he?!
Campbell and Taylor
Andrew loves the camera!!!