Friday, March 16, 2012

Pictures with Santa 2011

Not our best year for pics, but we had fun! Wyatt was not a fan of the Big Guy this year! When Ty screamed for Santa at that age I spent 15 minutes desperately trying to get him to smile. When Wyatt did it I found it hilarious, snapped a pic, and got him the heck away from the guy with the scary white beard. :) Ah, how things change by the third time around!

Christmas Card Outtakes 2011

Ansley Brooke Singing O'Come All Ye Faithful

Jude Whitfield Comes Home!

There are moments in life that are so sweet you can hardly stand it. There are moments when you feel God's faithfulness in full force and KNOW that He hears the prayers of His children and lovingly answers. One of those moments was when my dear friend Sara and her husband David brought home their baby, Jude, from Ethiopia in November 2011. Their journey was filled with lots of ups and downs and days and weeks when they weren't sure they would ever be cleared to bring him home. But, on the weekend before Thanksgiving they brought this sweet boy home to their family. I'm so grateful that God allowed us to walk this road with them. The prayers sent up on behalf of this family were innumerable. The support was astounding. There is something so wonderful and blessed about the way God allows us to walk with each other through this life. He uses each of our valleys to show His glory and shape, not only our lives, but those who surround us as well. Jude is no longer an orphan. He will not grow up in an orphanage without ever knowing the love of a family. He is a Whitfield. What a wonderful gift. Redemption. God's most beautiful invention.

More Wyatt Cuteness

Ty's Kindergarten Thanksgiving Program

Ty had the cutest little Thanksgiving program at school. He did a great job. He was and Indian, and his chosen Indian name was "Fast Arrow". Nana, Micah, and Daddy got to come watch too!

Ty Turns 6!!!

Ty turned 6 on November 1st! He and I spent a special Mommy and Ty day together because he was out of school that day. We had so much fun! That weekend he had his first official sleepover! He, Malcolm, Campbell, and Miles camped out in a tent in the playroom! They had so much fun and very little sleep :) I can't believe this funny, silly, bright little boy is 6! I am so enjoying him at this age.

Wyatt Cuteness November 2011

Trunk or Treat 2011

We had a blast at Trunk or Treat! Ty was Spiderman, Ansley was a bunny, and Wyatt was a cute little monkey!