Monday, August 10, 2009

Chattanooga Trip

We spent a fun weekend in Chattanooga this past weekend. We stayed with my aunt Kristi and her sweet family. We had a great time hanging out with them all. Kristi and Tim have 5 children ages 16 to 8 and they were so great with our kids. We went to the aquarium on Saturday. The kids love aquariums and really enjoyed it. We ate lunch at a great place called Cheeburger Cheeburger and that afternoon we walked the beautiful walking bridge and went to Coolidge Park. There we rode the carousel and played in the water fountains. Then on Sunday we went to church and to lunch with the Cookes. After that most of us headed over to the Children's Discovery Museum. That was a blast. I so wish we had one of those in Nashville. There were so many great things for the kids to do, and it was very educational as well. Chattanooga is a beautiful city. It was a great little vacation. There are lots of pictures below which are unfortunately in reverse order of the weekend. :) Fun fact: I was born in Chattanooga and we lived there until I was about 18 months old I believe.

Friday, August 07, 2009


At the beginning of the summer I signed the kids up for gymnastics one morning a week. At the time I had the insane notion that this summer was going to be boring and was looking for something to occupy our time one day a week. Well, that turned out to be a laugh, but the gymnastics class still ended up being a great thing for the kids. It has really helped with their coordination and confidence. They love going. Ansley especially talks about it all the time. These pictures are from our classes yesterday and today. Today was a make-up class for one we missed. This was our last class of the summer. I think we will take a break for the school year since things are about to get busy, but hopefully we can do this again in the future. I know they will be sad when they realize that it is over!
The Long Black Trampoline
The Pit
Yes, she did this by herself.
Monkey Boy
Sideways Walk
She got really good at flips.
Balance Beam