Friday, October 09, 2009

Expecting Again!

If you haven't heard the news, we are expecting another baby next May. We are very excited. We had an ultrasound last week and saw a strong heartbeat which was very encouraging. I have been very sick which is miserable, but a good sign so we are thankful! I added a pregnancy ticker to the sidebar if you ever wonder where we are in the process. We would appreciate all the prayers we can get for this pregnancy!

First Day of Preschool

On September 1st we had our first day of Preschool. It was Ansley's first day ever! Ty is an old pro since this is his second year. He was so excited to go back. It was also my first day as a music teacher at the Preschool! Ansley didn't really know what to expect, but she had a great time. She loves her teachers Miss Ashley and Miss Michele (Ty had them last year). The first couple of weeks she had a hard time adjusting to being away from Mommy, but she is doing much better now and seems to be loving it. Ty jumped right in and is having a blast with all his little buddies. I am really enjoying teaching so far too! Here are pics from our first day.
Let's do this!
My little man
My baby girl is growing up!
Ty and Miss Stephany
Ansley loves the puzzles!
Before we parted.

September Birthday Parties

Silly Boys!
Notice the tat.
Bennett had to get in on this.
The Great Contest
Ty and Ma
Little Brother
Dad liked his present.
Noah and Andy
NaNa and sweet Olivia
Ansley loved the cupcakes.
I'll let you guess their ages. Love how Jenny is taking a picture while blowing out the candles.
Micah is 4! Noah is 9!
I am soooo behind on this thing, but am gonna try to bring it up to date. At the end of August we got together at Mom and Dad's to celebrate all the September birthdays in our family. Dad, Jenny, Noah, and Micah all have September birthdays! We had a great time hanging out with family. All the boys had a watermelon eating contest per Noah's request, and that was pretty funny. Then the kids ran around mostly naked in the water hose. The pictures of that are too indecent to post online! It was a blast. Here are some pics.