Sunday, February 08, 2009

Pigtails, Pancakes and Pajamas

We had a fun morning at church Saturday called pancakes and pajamas. The preschoolers came dressed in pajamas and had pancakes and made Valentine's Day crafts. It was so cute and fun. Brian obviously wore my robe, as you will see below! We had a great family day. After this we went to the park and Chick-fil-A. Then that night we all watched Horton Hears a Who together. The kids actually watched the whole movie with us, which has never happened. It was a great Saturday. I also put some pictures on here of Ansley's pigtails I did the other day. She looked like such a cutie. If I can get her to be still enough I will be doing this more often. The picture of Ty is just a cute bonus!
Loving on my babies
Coloring together
Daddy reading to them.

Valentine's Cookies

Finger lickin' good
Of course he picked the biggest one!
Yes, it's a butter knife.
Friday we had a fun day at home. These days we are rarely at home all day on a weekday so the kids and I just enjoyed hanging out together. We made Valentine's cookies after lunch. The kids had a blast and really enjoyed eating the cookies after making them! I ate one and decided my sugar cookie days are over after feeling nauseated for 30 minutes post-consumption! Here are some pics.