Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A Poem for Our 3rd Child

With You Someday My heart can’t believe that you’ve left us Hundreds of questions unknown I wonder what we would have named you What you’d have been like when you were grown. Would you have been brother or sister? Would your room have been pink or been blue? Would you have had those big eyes like your siblings? What cute little things would you do? Would you look like your mommy or daddy? Would you sleep through the night or just cry? Would you sing like your brother and smile like your sister? With what tricks would you try to get by? Our God chose to take you home quickly You never felt pain or despair You never felt fear or rejection You went straight into His perfect care. But what is life but a whisper? A vapor, a moment, a wind We are here to serve our Mighty God Then to Heaven with Him we ascend. But you made me long for heaven And you made me see the blessings in each day And if those are the only gifts you had time to give You gave more than most ever give away. I will always remember you baby Of this family you will always be part And though we can’t see your beautiful smile You will always reside in my heart. So rest in Heaven sweet child Lay on our Dear Father’s chest And I will sing you a lullaby When I reach my final rest.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Welcome Olivia

We have a new baby in the family! Olivia Kate Ezell was born August 19th. She is soooo adorable. Just in case anyone doesn't know this is my cousin Sarah's baby. Sarah and Houston are doing well and Bennett is such a cute big brother! Here are a few pics from the night she arrived.

Mom's 50th Birthday

Well, I am pretty behind on here after a crazy few weeks, but I am going to try to bring it up to date today. On August 14th we celebrated Mom's 50th Birthday at Nero's Grill. Several of their friends came and we had a great time. Mom was even a good sport about turning 50! Here are some pics from the night. I love you Mom!